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Award Winning Wedding Cakes. Champagne talks with Tee's bakery

Updated: Apr 29, 2018

Every few weeks I try to have a quick and interesting chat with industry friends, people who can share great nuggets of information and knowledge, that are relevant to what this blog is about. Enter Tee's Bakery; The 2018 Uk Wedding Awards winner of the best Cake Company. Sensational wedding cakes aside, Luxury celebration cakes are also their forte and I thought it best to get some advice and tips straight from the Cake Goddess herself for prospective clients . This is generally what you should know before deciding on a cake creator for your wedding or celebration , she's also dropped some interesting anecdotes about her most outrageous requests!

What 3 things should a couple consider when choosing a cake maker for their wedding

There are quite a few things that should be considered but I feel what are most important are’

1. The cake baker’s personal style and whether it fits your wedding theme. You wouldn’t want any clashes.

2. The cake flavours the baker offers and what it actually taste like. Your cake shouldn’t just look good but taste good too.

3. The couples budget vs. the baker’s prices

What has been the most outrageous request you’ve received?

A client once asked me to make a cake that could ignite and throw real flames! Due to it being a health and safety hazard, I had to decline. However, on a separate occasion I was able to make a cake for another client that featured a real, working iPad in it that was turned on. I was grateful to the client for trusting my idea and it turned out really nicely and was very unique.

Name the most challenging aspect of creating the style of cakes you do that couples should be aware of?

I have made a number of cakes with sugar flowers (lifelike flowers made from a sweet edible sugar dough) but oftentimes people do not realise that each flower – and by that I mean petals, stalks etc is individually crafted by me. This make them very time consuming so the more sugar flowers you want, the greater the cost of your cake.

Can you tell us a bit about where you research and draw ideas for inspiration?

I draw inspiration from various sources ranging from jewellery and precious stones, to fashion, travel / different countries, books and also the occasion a cake is for or a couple’s personality.

What trend have you seen in the Wedding Scene that you think should be stopped immediately?

I think weddings are, or should be, reflective of the couple getting married. Therefore, if they like something that is a reflection of their personality, whether it is on trend or not, they should go ahead with it – so long as the couple know they will not look back in years to come and regret the decision simply because they were following a craze.

My blog, Champagne Social, is a celebration of weddings, parties and the art of hosting. What do you think makes a great host?

A great host[ess] is attentive and makes their guests feel comfortable, significant and unhurried without guests even realising, in my opinion.

What has been the most Champagne worthy moment of 2018 so far for you?

Without a doubt, it has to be Tee’s Bakery being voted the Best Wedding Cake Company by the UK Wedding Awards 2018. I still buzz with excitement and gratitude when I think of it.

A worthy winner and I am a huge fan of her work. Tee's bakery can be found on insta @teesbakery , follow for more Luxury Cake goals!


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