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5 things to consider when Choosing your wedding flowers.

In this blog series I am going to give you useful pointers that will help you with decision making for key elements for your upcoming wedding. We're starting with my favourite; blooms. It's important for me to share current and relevant information so for each topic I've enlisted the help of an industry expert. These tips and points to consider come courtesy of a collaboration with Amanda Jane Flowers , I'm excited to share her wisdom with you !

1) BUDGET- It can be a tricky conversation for couples to have with vendors but it is a must early on in the planning process. Be open and honest - it doesn’t do anyone any good if you’re looking at a proposal for £5000 when your true budget is £500. If you love flowers and want a large installation and abundance of floral decor you will need to be clear on what you can cut elsewhere. I talk about this is my blog post " Ways to maximise your wedding budget" here. Don’t forget to account for charges such as setup and breakdown - which require staff and as such , should be included in the budget.

Styled ByChenai, flowers by Amanda Jane Flowers. Photography by Rachel Takes Pictures

2) SHOW - use tools such as Pinterest and Instagram to get an idea and feel for how you would like your flowers to look. Communicate what you would like, and be open to modifications and substitutions where appropriate. Your flower of choice may not be available/ in season at the time for example.

Photography by Rachel Takes Pictures, bouquet by Amanda Jane Flowers.

3) RESEARCH- Amanda advises that it's a good idea to approach floral designers considered their style and the type of work they produce to see if this fits with your vision for your wedding. Sounds really obvious but sometimes florists do get requests for work that is just not in keeping with their own style, and whilst they always want to help their couples it might not get you the result that you want to achieve. 

4) COMMUNICATE your flower plans to other suppliers - if you are not working with a wedding planner, you will need to manage your venue and suppliers in the lead up to and on the day of your wedding. Does your cake need flowers? Let both cake maker and florist know the specifics, If you want to have a free-standing flower arch at your ceremony space, will your venue allow it? and more importantly will they give your floral designer access and enough time to construct this for you? 

5) Be open

to different wedding flower types and colours. There are some flowers, like fresh British Peonies, that are not an option at Christmas! It can be very disheartening for a couple to be told no, so take a look at what flowers are available and in season on your wedding date. It will give you an idea of what your floral designer will be able to source for you at the time of year for your wedding. Amanda also points out that flower colours are never exact as many of the photographs we see on Instagram and Pinterest , sometimes even print magazines can be misleading. They may be edited and adjusted by photographers ( rightly so if they are going for a particular style ) to skin tones and lighting which can affect flower colours - Amanda has been given many Pinterest pictures of flowers in colour shades that simply do not exist in real life. 

That's a brief look at what you should be thinking about when choosing your flowers but remember you can get in touch with me via my email kanjani@bychenai.com, or via Social Media. Insta/Facebook @bychenai


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